Asien-Afrika-Institut (ESA 1, Ost)

The Asien-Afrika-Institut of the Universität Hamburg is the largest university center for Asian and African Studies in Germany. The Asian and African sciences in Hamburg look back on more than 100 years of history, which began with the founding of the colonial institution in 1908.

The Asien-Afrika-Institut (AAI) (outside view)
The foyer of the AAI
The entrance to the AAI library (left side)
Room 221 in the ESA OST (venue for the second workshop day)

Main Building (ESA 1)

In 1909-11, the main building of the university, donated by E. Siemers, was erected. With some 39,500 students, Hamburg is the fifth largest university in Germany.

The Main Building (ESA 1)
lecture hall J
Lecture Hall "J" (venue for the first workshop day)
The main building (ESA1) (outside view from the side of the AAI)


Professor Dr. Peter Wasamba: Orality, Fieldwork and Textual Production in the 21st Century

Dr. Peter Wasamba is a Professor of African Oral Literature at the University of Nairobi. He is the current Dean Faculty of Arts at the University of Nairobi. He has previously served as an Associate Dean, Faculty of arts, and Chairman in the Depa ...Read more

Dr. Aone van Engelenhoven: Mending Torn Stories Creating a Narrative Identity in the Moluccan Exile Community in The Netherlands

Dr. Aone van Engelenhoven is currently a University lecturer at Leiden University, Netherlands. His research focuses on several linguistic and anthropological linguistic issues in Indonesia, East Timor, among Moluccan migrants in the Netherlands a ...Read more



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Hasina Samoelinanja

Hasina Samoelinanja grew up in accordance with the Malagasy culture. Since his childhood he is a Kabary speaker. In 2006, he successfully completed his masters in German Studies with a thesis on the Malagasy social philosophy "Fihavanana" and its development... 

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Saliou Cissokho

Saliou Cissokho was born in Casamance, a border region between Senegal/ Gambia, West Africa. He is a born-Jali since his father originates from a famous Griot family, who are said to know the secrets of performing traditional music for several hours, days and nights...

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Alevi Music Performers: Hasan Hüseyin Sarı, Benjamin Stueck, Malte Stueck

Hasan Hüseyin Sarı, Benjamin Stueck and Malte Stueck will present their artistic skills in the use of the saz, a traditional long-necked lute, which is the accompaniment for an Aşık, a term often used for minstrels and poet musicians from the Turkish tradition...

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We kindly acknowledge the financial support of the Hamburgische Wissenschaftliche Stiftung (HWS) and our collegues: Prof. Roland Kießling, Prof. Alessandro Bausi, Prof. Henning Schreiber and Prof. Jan van der Putten. 


Location: Asien-Afrika-Institut

Universität Hamburg,
Edmund-Siemers-Allee 1, Flügel Ost,
20146 Hamburg